The veteran b-boy tells us how being innovative & creative with your moves is the key to winning.

What role do the fundamentals play in competitions?

In a competition like this you see a lot of moves throughout the night and a lot of fundamentals. From your 6 step to your windmills to flares and air flares to your power moves, but the most important thing is how do you make it your own. You have to put your own signature to it so that you don’t look the same as the next b-boy and that’s your upper hand. How can you change something that’s been around for a very long time, that’s like a signature move in the breakdancing scene? That’s how you’re going to stick out. You can’t just come in and do like 20 flares and expect the judges to say that you were the best when the next guy comes in and does a flare into an air flare into a headspin and freeze. It’s being very strategic and very unique on the night and just being fresh and giving judges something that they haven’t seen before and being creative.

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Client: Red Bull
Date: 2017-04-06

The veteran b-boy tells us how being innovative & creative with your moves is the key to winning.

How have flares changed over the years?

Flares a couple of years ago, if you could do like 20 flares you’re dope. You’re killing it. But now it’s about how creative you can be with your flares. Guys take it to another level now. So you can do a flare, but how do you make your flare special? You’ll do one flare and then go into something crazy. Now it’s like flare into air flares, which is when you’re 90 degrees on your hands and you’re just rotating the whole time, that’s the next level of flares. Some guys do it with one hand are taking it to the next level.

How important are freezes?

Normally in a b-boy routine it’s very important to end of with a freeze. Your freeze is you sealing off your round. It’s very important for the judges. You always have to freeze towards your opponent, that’s going to give you a higher score. It’s like I’m saying good bye and ending my conversation. There’s lots of variations of freezes. It depends on the person and what freezes they’re comfortable with. It can be a baby freeze, an air chair freeze, it could be a normal signature freeze. So there are a lot of freezes. If you’re coming out it can be a headstand freeze or a hollowback freeze. So freezes are a very important part of your round.