Work Hard, Stay Humble


Born Gerald, Vouks is a household name in B-boying in South Africa.

Having started b-boying in 1997 Vouks has always had the love and passion for Hip-hop. He joined the well-known Azanian Flames were Vouks starting learning the foundation and skills of being a b-boy. That gave him an opportunity to enter competitions hosted by Black noise around 1998. Azanian Flames dedication and hard work paid off in 1999 as they finally won their 1st competition. That led him wanting to start workshops in Ravens mead Community Hall,Eersteriver Library and at Settlers High School, Overmeer.

The workshops help other b-boys further their skills and move away from crime, unwanted distractions.The work did stop there, and Vouks and Azanian Flames continue in inspire his community and moved into female prisons were they entertained Pollsmoor prison alongside BVK on Women’s Day Celebrations.The group entered the South African Battle of the year 1999 championship and came third.In 2001 BVK selected by BVK to be a member and later also a group called 021 boys. This was big impact on Vouks career as he was able to perform alongside Grandmaster DJ Ready-D.

It opened doors to more exposure and performances and the group was sharing stages with international artists like Brian McKnight, Montell Jordan, Eric Benet, Puff Johnson, Da Brat, MC Lyte,1 12,Naughty by Nature and E’Smile.

He joined the internationally acclaimed P.O.C (Prophets of the City) in 2002.That lead to his move to Joburg in 2004 where he teamed up with Award winning Dj an B-boy DJ Switch and opened Wreckage Production. They started different competitions that empowered b-boys and lead to the birth of 2 big South African competitions.

The 2 on 2 battles and Solo Pros are household names among the b-boy community. Vouks also became opinion leaders for brands like PUMA, Red Bull, GoPro and Nixon. Vouks has travelled the world and has been able to create a high standard among b-boys. His has judged and performed alongside the world best.