Vouks Foundation



The Vouks Foundation was created to bring change, create opportunities and to communicate what is in need. We aim to uplift and inspire the current (and future) youth of South Africa to become better, active, conscious citizens. The foundation’s main focus areas are: Schooling, family structures and breaking negative cycles (pun intended) to assist in creating happier, healthier home environments and future generations.


Our focus is on education, mentorship, mental and physical health, as well as training. We challenge the youth to build better habits and make more productive use of their time. We believe that by understanding the value of productivity to reach their goals they will grasp how they will ultimately create better lives and opportunities for themselves and each other as a community.

Why the Cycle

It starts with believing that you CAN break the cycle!

Vouks built his career on this very route over the years and is now changing the cycle once again by cycling to better someone else’s life. Cycling from Johannesburg to Cape Town is a fundraiser and the official launch of the Vouks Foundation.

Break the cycle and donate

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